When it comes down to raising the number of followers an individual has on Twitter, there is this huge controversial argument in the social media about quality over quantity. With that being said, it is a major cause for businesses on Twitter to increase not only the amount of watchers they have, but as well as the number of followers. A big question is how to raise the number of followers while balancing true, authentic, and targeted clientele?
You want to make sure that your organization Twitter as well as website is worth following. Make sure that there is not only intriguing information, but insightful as well. Many businesses have been labeled spammers and/or aggressive marketers, thus the average person will avoid following at all costs. You need to make sure that you aren’t making “rookie” errors on your Twitter account. Have personality when it comes to your bio, links, and picture. Make sure that the information in which you “Tweet” is not only creative, but worth sharing.
Be sure to “Tweet” at the optimal time of day which falls between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. There are programmed scheduling tools such as ReachCast and Hootsuite to time you Tweeting throughout the length of the day.
When it comes to followers try to converse with them and follow some back. You have the option to directly follow each new Follower, or there are automated programs such as Social Oomph. Because Twitter doesn’t allow you to follow an endless amount of users, make sure that the following to follower ratio is in check by using a tool related to ManageFlitter.com which will unfollow users that don’t follow you back.
Use Twitter as a wonderfull way to connect with people, and not just promote your business. Research has shown that many businesses have increased their revenue by simply replying to “Tweets” from their followers. One company noted that over 60 percent of their tweets consisted of @replies to other users and followers.
You can bring in more Twitter followers without having to Tweet or put the “Twitter Share Button” on your page. When creating business cards for your company, simply add your Twitter URL to your card as well as in-store signage to persuade people into following your company online. If you’re looking to buy twitter followers or to get more twitter followers, check out www.twittercluster.com. Twitter Cluster provides the cheapest real twitter followers online acting as the largest twitter followers wholesale to sellers. It’s time to cut the middle man and go straight to the main twitter followers provider!

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